Our services

We provide an extensive range of services including accounting, bookkeeping, independent examination and audit. Our commitment to providing quality and affordable services makes Charity Accountant the best financial partner a charity could have.  Each of these services will be specially tailor made to suit the needs of your charity.

Read how we have helped struggling charities in our case studies page. And see here why our clients value and recommend us.

Charity accounts and independent examination

  • Prepare year end charity accounts in SORP format where required
  • Conduct independent examination on the accounts
  • Undertake audit of the year end accounts
  • Filing annual returns at Charity Commission and Companies House
  • Advice trustees on the requirements of trustees’ report
  • Corporation tax calculations and returns

Charity bookkeeping 

  • Meaningful and error free charity bookkeeping the way it should be done
  • Setting up bookkeeping software and providing training to staff
  • Preparing instant monthly fund reports showing spend and balance on each fund
  • Handling and running payroll
  • Recording VAT and file returns including managing partial exemption scheme

Charity financial planning and management 

  • Preparing monthly management accounts with necessary detail to enable trustees to make financial decisions
  • Providing jargon free summaries on management accounts with key performance indicators
  • Attending trustee meetings to discuss management accounts
  • Tracking and monitoring restricted income and expenditure
  • Preparing and monitoring budgets and cash flow forecasts

Charity governance and advice 

  • Advice trustees on their role and responsibilities
  • Helping trustees to identify inefficiencies in financial and accounting procedures
  • Helping trustees to set up adequate and effective internal control systems

Charity formation

  •  Deciding which structure best suits your needs, i.e. charity, charitable company or C.I.C
  • Assisting you with completing the necessary registration forms

Outsourcing your finance function to a specialised charity accountant like us has a number of advantages. For a number of years now we have helped voluntary organisations in various areas of finance and accounting. We endeavour to assist each organisation as much as we can in the best possible way.

How can you benefit

  • Specialised knowledge in the field means someone understands your organisation in depth
  • You will not have to employ in house staff which will minimise costs
  • You receive reports and accounts in a timely manner
  • Your accounts are prepared to a high standard
  • You are compliant with the relevant laws and regulations affecting your charity
  • You can focus on your core aims