Are you a charity looking for a charity bookkeeper or independent examiner who specialises in small charities to manage your finance function?

Charity Accountants provide services to small charities, community interest companies and other not for profit organisations. As specialist charity accountants, our services include bookkeeping, independent examination, accounting, audit and tax and consultancy. For a detailed list click here.

Having closely worked with charities for a number of years, we understand how very important it is to have an accountant who actually understands charity finances. The needs of charities are significantly different from a commercial company. Be it as simple as charity bookkeeping or charity independent examination it requires specialist knowledge which a corporate accountant may be missing if they have not received appropriate training. We at Charity Accountant, have worked with charities in various sectors like health, arts and culture, international NGOs, religion, women and children welfare, housing, sports and education.

We provide free consultation and fixed fee quote. Feel free to give us a call on 02081442640 to have a chat about your requirements.